Relocation of the United Nations to the Outer Borough

Relocation of the United Nations to the outer borough.

They will never be as open as we would like to so every time there is the UN annual meeting, they lock down everything and create terrible traffic jams.

We need to start to breathe as a city so by moving some important center of power to the extreme out there, it could generate tourism over there (it would be for the Community Boards to decide if they want that thing and what they would trade for it.)

Maybe replace the Casino with the UN, that would bring better jobs in the area. The proximity to the airport would allow dignitaries to get there without closing traffic.

The idea is to spark a discussion. Now, what to do with an empty 42nd street? (Yes, the UN would be dismantled.) All those people don’t pay taxes anyway. So the area would be taxable again.

And New York City would still have the UN … it would be another borough.

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