Professional Career

1986 – Ran a small business in France setting up computers to display advertisements.
1992 – Invested in logistical company bringing American newspapers to Mexico.
1994 – No Limit Information System – Co-Founded Web Marketing Business.
1995 – BookDotOrg, Inc. – Launched Non-Profit in direct competition with Amazon.
1997 – Perspecta, Inc – First Job Out of College, Computer Engineer for Start-Up Launched by 3 MIT Students in San Francisco.
1998 – Cybersouce, Inc – 100th Employee for San Jose Company That Went Public On the NASDAQ, Eventually Sold to Visa.
1999 – Kinecta, Inc – Manager of Network Engineering Team, San Francisco
2000 – @HomeNetworks – Computer Engineer, Mountain View
2001 – Unemployed, Ready to File for Bankruptcy, But Student Debt was 60% of Total Debt, and Wouldn’t Have Been Relieved
2004-2017 – Road Runner/Time Warner Cable – Transitioned Legacy Equipment to Modern Equipment
2017 – Layoff from Spectrum, Inc

Political Career

2003 – Candidate on slate of the French Overseas Assembly.
2009 – Campaign Manager for the slate of French Overseas Assembly.
2010 – Backend engineer for the slate of French Overseas Assembly.
2011 – Backend logistic engineer for the Socialist Party candidate to the French Parliament.
2017 – Member of the 2nd ED of the 71st AD of the New York County Democratic County Committee.
2018 – Volunteer – Ran the backend texting platform for Zephyr Teachout.