Housing Crisis

We are in a housing crisis.

Certain housing agencies seem to be keeping two sets of books and that is why several housing victims created the website https://www.showthebooks.org which document a lot of the HPD incompetence that lead to corruption.

For example, the building where I live is managed by Wavecrest Management and owned by GP-UHAB. Prior to GP-UHAB, it was owned by a partnership between Settlement Housing and UHAB.

For the past 15 years, the Tenant Association have been documented all the failing of the UHAB as a project manager and HPD as an overseer.

It doesn’t surprise me that any HPD and NYCHA projects have been in dire disrepair all these years. We need to figure out why they are unable to be comply with their mandates. Money is a factor but it is not the only factor.


Maintenance may not seem like a sexy job. However, fifteen years maintaining the cable network in New York city taught me that it is actually the most sexy and gratifying job out there.

Before things break, complicated equipment tends to give us warnings, whether it’s an elevator, a boiler, or a computer. I will call my building super to access NYCHA. When something breaks, it’s likely we knew about it long time before.