The petition is the most important step to be on the ballot. We will need about 7,500 signatures. Those signatures can
only be collected during a very narrow window of 15 days starting the day following the mayor calling the campaign.

This is the most vicious campaign event that many people don’t see. Once the petitions are gathered and turned to the board of elections,
the petitions packets are scrutinized by teams of lawyers trying to invalidate the signatures of the other candidates.

In order to minimize the chances of being “knocked off” the ballot, we developed a free computer software to generate personalized petitions. The petition software was successfully used by the Rep My Block program.

One of the goals of using this system is to render petition so simple that it will force the parties to accept real election reforms.

To participate, you will need to be a registered New York State voter, a printer, an envelop and a forever USPS Stamp.
(If you don’t have stamps, you can buy a regular Stamped Envelope #10 from the USPS for $ 1.88 directly from the post office website.)

To get started, we’ll verify your enrollment status by asking your name and date of birth, then we’ll ask for the voters in your household that could potentially sign the petition. We’ll keep all this information until January and once his honor Bill de Blasio called the election, we’ll send you an email with the petition attached.

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