Removal of Ibogaine from the FDA Schedule 1 Controlled Substances

Ibogaine is a very toxic root from Africa.

Ibogaine has been classified as a hallucinogen and illegal in the US since 1967, and is similarly scheduled in 9 of the 28 countries presently in the European Union. It is unregulated, i.e., neither officially approved nor illegal in much of the rest of the world. New Zealand, Brazil, and South Africa have classified ibogaine as a pharmaceutical substance and restrict its use to licensed medical practitioners.

Ibogaine is used most frequently for detoxification from opioids. A 2006 study on the known uses of ibogaine found that of approximately 3,400 individuals who had taken ibogaine, 68% of whom did so for the treatment of a substance-related disorder, and 53% specifically for opioid detoxification.

Observational Study of Long Term efficacy in Mexico

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