Thank Governor Cuomo for the Creation of a Task Force

Thank Governor Cuomo for signing the creation of a virtual currency task force.

Send the following script to Alfonso David, Counsel to the Governor at

      • Dear Governor Cuomo,

Please sign the Digital Currency Study Bill into law. (A8783B)

New York State is the financial capital of the world and New York should be the fintech global leader.

Cryptocurrency/blockchain is a dynamic technological phenomenon. In 2015, New York State lead the world with the BitLicense to protect New York investors on cryptocurrency exchanges. Much has changed regarding blockchain technology in tfour years and the industry is growing rapidly.

A New York State Digital Currency Taskforce of experts, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders tasked with studying the industry and providing a report to lawmakers on how to best regulate for the future will be invaluable.


You can also call (518) 474-8390 and leave a voicemail supporting A8783B. You can also fax it to (518) 474-1513. Don’t forget to include your zipcode if you live in New York State.

More info on the bill:

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